Cell Tower Valuations

Tower Optimization ProcessSM ("TOPSM")

With our unique TOPSM approach, we combine our significant real estate expertise and financial acumen to assist governments, commercial and residential property owners by negotiating new and renewal leases for cellular antennas on their properties.

Through our extensive research of the cellular industry, including public financial filings, industry sources, and the accumulation of thousands of leases from communities throughout the United States we have a thorough understanding of the cellular industry's antenna siting. We have built a geocoded database of these cellular locations, and the lease provisions that the cell carriers have previously accepted. By applying our financial and real estate knowledge, our cell industry research, and our proprietary database of existing leases, we help local governments, commercial and residential property owners obtain fair value for their valuable assets.

The TOPSM approach considers these five elements:

  • Alternative Site Analysis
  • Tower Analysis
  • Consumer Demographics
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Lease Structuring

Additional Capabilities
  • Evaluation of antenna buyout offers
  • Solicit carriers to available sites and available spaces on existing towers
  • Tower ownership - should you build your own?
  • Our nationwide lease database provides insight into the terms and provisions and unique clauses the carriers have agreed to elsewhere
  • Expert testimony and site analysis availability for hearings and suits